The Nude Party : Life’s a Joke

Apologies for the lack of communication, finals week (as well as transitioning between quarters) tends to be a hectic time.

However, I’ve really been enjoying this video…along with all of The Nude Party’s music. Check out this quirky little video that so perfectly captures the band’s personality. If you like what you see and hear, be sure to give the rest of their work a listen.

Current Obsession : Redline Graffiti

[ Redline Graffiti – Junior June ]

It isn’t uncommon for artists to blend genres and sub-genres when creating their personal sound, but it becomes something else entirely when an artist can do it skillfully. Redline Graffiti does a damn good job of that, and this single track alone is a perfect representation of it.

Redline Graffiti brings the soulful elements of R&B, but mid-way through most songs transports the audience to a more modern style with their seamless transitions from sax to rock-styled guitar and drum, and even synth.

The vocals remain pure while the sound around becomes distorted and altered continually through most songs. Redline Graffiti somehow manages to completely flip tune and tempo while maintaining a relaxed sense throughout.

This D.C.-based trio balances tradition with experimentation and knows how to execute their sound just right.

Give this stylish vid a look & listen, and if you like what you hear, check out the first song of their’s that got me hooked, “Mayfair”.

Dillistone & Aayushi Make a Diamond Child

[ Dillistone, Aayushi – Diamond Child ]

If you’re an Odesza fan of any sort, or enjoy jiving to mellow indie-electro tunes, then this track is for you. Remaining somewhat ambiguous and wildly underrepresented on Spotify, both Dillistone and Aayushi have limited (but insanely good) works to share.

While Spotify may not be their primary source of outletting their sound, you can find Aayushi’s killer vocals here, and Dillistone’s sweet and sometimes slow synth-y sounds here.

These two might just be my new favorite dynamic duo. They know exactly how to find the fine balance between dainty vocals and a soft, yet heavy, beat. This track isn’t the only one in which they’ve collaborated on, but it might just be my favorite.

None of Dillistone’s or Aayushi’s work seems to be older than a year or two, which gets me stoked. Fresh sounds are always welcome, and the fact that they are relatively new and already delivering hypnotic sounds like these has me begging for more…and maybe obsessively stalking both of their Soundcloud accounts…

Either way, I’m keeping an eye out for these two. Together or apart, I guarantee that they are going to make some big noise very soon.

A Kind of Feeling I Can’t Name

[ Louis the Child – It’s Strange ]

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this obsessed with just one song. I’ve had this song on repeat all week, and probably won’t be stopping anytime soon.

This is Louis the Child’s latest song (as well as my favorite), yet I would have likely never found their work had I never fallen in love with this track.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do, and definitely give the rest of their work a listen here.

Is Bon Iver Back?

[ Bon Iver – Haven, Mass ]

Justin Vernon didn’t necessarily get the band back together, but that doesn’t mean that an unreleased track wasn’t just dropped. Featured on the B-side of a cassette that were given to a select few of the early ticketholders for Eaux Claires Music & Arts festival, lies this hidden and perhaps forgotten gem.

A kind person leaked the track just earlier today, and Vernon claims that it is roughly six or seven years. Regardless, I’ll take it. Old or new, I will never say no to Bon Iver.

Now Playing

[ The Shouting Matches – I Had a Real Good Lover ]

There’s nothing better than a live take on a favorite song. These guys know how to tango between falsetto that is reminiscent of Bon Iver and sharing a messy sort of emotions that knows how to hit home. Enjoy.

Current Obsession : Allan Kingdom

[ Allan Kingdom – Northern Lights ]

With a wide taste in music, rap is no exclusion. I will admit that aside from my guilty pleasures (Juicy J, 2 Chainz and anything else that is highly inappropriate and degrading), I’m picky listener when it comes to this genre. Rap requires skill and style but few rappers bring an extra element to the table that keeps you listening for hours on end.

Allan Kingdom has the ability to do just that. Barely a few weeks old, his latest album,  Northern Lights, has me jammin’ solo in the library and is basically writing my media ethics essay for me. Songs like “Go Fish” hold commonalities to Chance the Rapper, yet the eery synth and dark tones of “The Forest (Intro)” make me question if James Blake somehow slipped into my playlist. Allan Kingdom has an unadulterated originality and style that demands to be heard and is best displayed in this album.

For friends who aren’t fans of rap, Allan Kingdom might be a turning point for you. At the young and thriving age of 22, this Canadian is bound to be around for awhile and will make damn good use of his time – I’m sure.


Favorite tracks: “Hypocrite (feat. Jared Evan)”, “The Ride”, “Go Fish” and “Outta Pocket (feat. Gloss Gang)”

Keep Me Up, Waste My Days

[ Yuma X – Keep Me Up ]

Only three hours old, I couldn’t help but share this track. Yuma X once again delivers sound to hit you just the right way. Many of their songs have you drinking in nostalgia and daydreaming during work. If you want to get a better feel for what I am talkin’ about, give this song a listen and if you haven’t heard Yuma X before check em out here or here.

Which One of Vampire Weekend’s Members Went Solo (And Is Absolutely Crushing It)?

[ Rostam – EOS ]

Rostam Batmanglij takes the indie music world by storm as he debuts his new single, “EOS”. While Batmanglij’s personal work is not a completely new concept, he is gaining undoubtedly more attention with this latest jam was released only a few days ago. Batmanglij keeps the dreamy vocals of Vampire Weekend in tact but manages to find a new ethereal balance with his surrounding sounds. As much as I love Vampire Weekend, Batmanglij might just be my new favorite.