Dillistone & Aayushi Make a Diamond Child

[ Dillistone, Aayushi – Diamond Child ]

If you’re an Odesza fan of any sort, or enjoy jiving to mellow indie-electro tunes, then this track is for you. Remaining somewhat ambiguous and wildly underrepresented on Spotify, both Dillistone and Aayushi have limited (but insanely good) works to share.

While Spotify may not be their primary source of outletting their sound, you can find Aayushi’s killer vocals here, and Dillistone’s sweet and sometimes slow synth-y sounds here.

These two might just be my new favorite dynamic duo. They know exactly how to find the fine balance between dainty vocals and a soft, yet heavy, beat. This track isn’t the only one in which they’ve collaborated on, but it might just be my favorite.

None of Dillistone’s or Aayushi’s work seems to be older than a year or two, which gets me stoked. Fresh sounds are always welcome, and the fact that they are relatively new and already delivering hypnotic sounds like these has me begging for more…and maybe obsessively stalking both of their Soundcloud accounts…

Either way, I’m keeping an eye out for these two. Together or apart, I guarantee that they are going to make some big noise very soon.

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