Current Obsession : Redline Graffiti

[ Redline Graffiti – Junior June ]

It isn’t uncommon for artists to blend genres and sub-genres when creating their personal sound, but it becomes something else entirely when an artist can do it skillfully. Redline Graffiti does a damn good job of that, and this single track alone is a perfect representation of it.

Redline Graffiti brings the soulful elements of R&B, but mid-way through most songs transports the audience to a more modern style with their seamless transitions from sax to rock-styled guitar and drum, and even synth.

The vocals remain pure while the sound around becomes distorted and altered continually through most songs. Redline Graffiti somehow manages to completely flip tune and tempo while maintaining a relaxed sense throughout.

This D.C.-based trio balances tradition with experimentation and knows how to execute their sound just right.

Give this stylish vid a look & listen, and if you like what you hear, check out the first song of their’s that got me hooked, “Mayfair”.

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