The Nude Party : Life’s a Joke

Apologies for the lack of communication, finals week (as well as transitioning between quarters) tends to be a hectic time.

However, I’ve really been enjoying this video…along with all of The Nude Party’s music. Check out this quirky little video that so perfectly captures the band’s personality. If you like what you see and hear, be sure to give the rest of their work a listen.

Current Obsession : Redline Graffiti

[ Redline Graffiti – Junior June ]

It isn’t uncommon for artists to blend genres and sub-genres when creating their personal sound, but it becomes something else entirely when an artist can do it skillfully. Redline Graffiti does a damn good job of that, and this single track alone is a perfect representation of it.

Redline Graffiti brings the soulful elements of R&B, but mid-way through most songs transports the audience to a more modern style with their seamless transitions from sax to rock-styled guitar and drum, and even synth.

The vocals remain pure while the sound around becomes distorted and altered continually through most songs. Redline Graffiti somehow manages to completely flip tune and tempo while maintaining a relaxed sense throughout.

This D.C.-based trio balances tradition with experimentation and knows how to execute their sound just right.

Give this stylish vid a look & listen, and if you like what you hear, check out the first song of their’s that got me hooked, “Mayfair”.

The Black Atlantic : Fragile Meadow (live at Public Train)

I’ve rediscovered The Black Atlantic and likely could not be more hooked. This song is currently what is playing on repeat, and I especially love this version. While may not be the best quality,  I absolutely love the raw and authentic feel that it has (as well as La Blogotheque’s ‘take-away show’ style).  I think this version also gives  very accurate representation of the song’s character, in it’s purest form. Enjoy.

Hippo Campus On the Rise

[ Hippo Campus – South ]

I absolutely fell in love with these guys when I saw them live months ago, opening for Rubblebucket. All of them are just breaking their 20s and have the kind of enthusiasm and passion on stage that makes for an undeniably good time. This newly released single has me itching for what’s to come and makes me nostalgic for one of the best concerts I have been to in awhile.

Matt Corby : Monday

AH! My favorite man is back in action! Matt Corby just released his latest single, “Monday”, about a month ago, and just a week ago dropped this beautiful live rendition of it (all filmed in one take). His skill will likely never cease to amaze me and I am genuinely grinning at my computer as I watch this because I can only anticipate what is to come. Check it out if you want to give your ears a treat.

Perfume Genius : Grid

This video is fucking weird and that is why I love it. Having recently become infatuated with Perfume Genius and the heavy mystery that accompanies him, I would have expected nothing less from one of his music videos.

“Grid” was the first song that turned me on to Hadreas’s sound which is notably stranger, louder and bolder than any of his previous work. The reason I really love this music video (and album, Too Bright) is because of it’s density. It is full and tangible with meaning and it is uncomfortable, odd and flamboyant and it is the epitome of Perfume Genius. Take a look at this video if you haven’t, and more importantly, have a thorough listen through his collection of work.

Nosaj Thing (feat. Chance the Rapper) : Cold Stares

Absolutely mesmerizing. I don’t recall the last time that I watched a music video about a dozen times in a row. The brilliant collab of Nosaj Thing and Chance the Rapper have just released the music video to their track, “Cold Stares” less than 24 hours ago. I absolutely loved this song from the start when I had originally heard it so I was so incredibly thrilled to see a video that accompanied the song’s dynamism. In no way was this the direction I would have thought this video would go, but the trippy, minimalistic use of technology and drones makes for music video that takes on new territory with natural ability and ease.