Current Obsession : Owen Rabbit

[ Owen Rabbit – Holy Holy ]

Having the reputation of using whatever is around him to create sound – whether it be glass bottles or empty cans – Owen Rabbit undeniably delivers a sound that has the ability to encompass a multitude of genres.  This multi-instrumental, mega-talented artist creates fleeting, drifting and layered sounds are a guarantee for just about any song of his, though no two are too similar.

Owen Rabbit appears to be receiving attention for his work just recently within these past few months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to soon become a crowd favorite. With talent like Owen Rabbit’s, it is beyond exciting to see what is to come because this guy is only beginning to scratch the surface of his potential.

The Black Atlantic : Fragile Meadow (live at Public Train)

I’ve rediscovered The Black Atlantic and likely could not be more hooked. This song is currently what is playing on repeat, and I especially love this version. While may not be the best quality,  I absolutely love the raw and authentic feel that it has (as well as La Blogotheque’s ‘take-away show’ style).  I think this version also gives  very accurate representation of the song’s character, in it’s purest form. Enjoy.

Yuma X Back At It

[ Yuma X – Smoke Trails ]

I was wondering if we were ever going to hear this dynamic duo again. I’m glad to see they’re making their way out of the shadows and slowly gaining the attention they deserve. Check out this brand new track, only dropped hours ago.

I Want to Get to Know Spazzkid

[ Spazzkid – Getting to Know You ]

I am absolutely obsessed with this at the moment. With hints of ODESZA and other indie-electro names (with an even slower and calmer feel), Spazzkid brings the right balance of synth and personality. Not to mention that the male vocals sound a bit like Ben Gibbard. Check it out…you can bet that I will be spending a heavy amount of time browsing Spazzkid’s collection.

Hippo Campus On the Rise

[ Hippo Campus – South ]

I absolutely fell in love with these guys when I saw them live months ago, opening for Rubblebucket. All of them are just breaking their 20s and have the kind of enthusiasm and passion on stage that makes for an undeniably good time. This newly released single has me itching for what’s to come and makes me nostalgic for one of the best concerts I have been to in awhile.